Free React Course by Mitch Allen
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Free React Course

A 6-lesson course that shows you how to get up and running with React.
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What's included?

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About this course
Course structure
What is React?
Command line
Install npm (the Node Package Manager)
Lesson 1. Create your first React app
Install create-react-app
Create a React app
Lesson summary
Lesson 2. Source code editor
Install Visual Studio Code
Modify the app
Lesson summary
Lesson 3. Checking for errors
Introducing eslint
Add an eslint config file to your project
Run eslint against your project
Disabling error messages
Testing for real errors
Lesson summary
Lesson 4. Breaking down a React app
Project structure
The public folder
The src folder
Lesson summary
Lesson 5. Create a component
Create a React component
Breakout the component
Add some style
Lesson summary
Lesson 6. Building and publish your app
Build your app
Hosting on
Lesson summary
Wrapping up
Where to next?
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