Raspberry Pi Headless Setup by Mitch Allen

Raspberry Pi Headless Setup

A step-by-step guide to setting up your Pi


In this course I’ll walk you through how to setup a Raspberry Pi for headless operation. Instructions cover setup using both Mac and Windows.

What's included?

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Why headless?
What this course covers
About the Instructor
Setup the Raspbian Image
Download a lite Raspbian image
Burn the Raspbian image to the SD card
Windows Software
Install Windows software
Install Bonjour (Windows only)
Install Putty (Windows only)
Setup Remote Access
Enable ssh
Add network info
Eject the micro SD card
Access the Pi
Boot the Raspberry Pi
Login over Wifi (Mac)
Login over Wifi using Putty (Windows)
Updating and Security
Change your Hostname and Password
Get the updates
Network issues
Access a Pi Zero over USB