SSH into Pi Zero over USB by Mitch Allen

SSH into Pi Zero over USB

A guide to accessing a Pi over USB


When you first get a Pi Zero the big question is -- how do you access it? You can get a powered USB hub, USB keyboard, USB mouse and HDMI adapter. Or you can just plug it into your computer directly and access it over USB.

In this course I provide instructions for both Mac and Windows users.

What's included?

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Why USB?
What this course covers
About the Instructor
Setup the Raspbian Image
[Optional] Download a lite Raspbian image
Hack the image
Explore the the contents (Mac)
Explore the contents (Windows)
Windows Software
Windows only software
Download Notepad++ (Windows only)
Install Bonjour (Windows only)
Install Putty (Windows only)
Setup Access
Enable ssh
Hack config.txt
Hack cmdline.txt
Access the Pi Zero
Boot the Pi Zero
Login over Wifi (Mac)
Login over Wifi with Putty (Windows)
Access the network (Windows only)